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This month's very special guests:Ant and Keef

(Breaking with tradition a bit, I'd like to let Mike take a rest this
time so we can hear all about the legend's teachings to the student...
read on, fair people... -j )

Keef: Ya wanna know the fuckin' secret to rock, hmmmm?? {cough wheeze snort swig}

Ant: Uh, yeah, totally, dude!

K: Wellllll, it's realllll easy, mahn.... all you really need is 3 things, and you're good to go...
{long drug and booze induced pause}

A: ........Ok... what are they?

K: Alryyytt, mahhhhhn, don't rush me here.... 

A: Sorry, Mr. Richar-

K: Ok, lesssenn up!  Al you need is 5 strings, 2 fingers, and one asshole!

or something like that... til next time!