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Hey everybody! Jimb here, bassist and general practitioner of bad humor for the band. This is just the start of the Damn Personals web page, just a little something to keep you guys up to date about such important items as our present mullet lengths, broken string count, etc. Soon this site will be really cool (no, really!), but for now it's just an amateur's attempt to conquer the internet. Well, Rome wasn't built in a day..... Ken (guitar+vocals), Ant (guitar+vocals), Mike (drums+paranoia) and yours truly have been holed up in our mold-encrusted basement, revisiting the roots of rock and readying ourselves for the end of the epoch. Come along if you dare.....


Fork in Hand Records
Our buddies Big D and their cast of freaks
Urban Legends
"...but Johnny said it was true?!" - huh!
Help! I want control of my brain back!
The Mad Revisionist
That's right, the moon does NOT exist....
Flamin' Groovies Homepage
Tribute to one of rock's most overlooked bands

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